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About BigChiefGolf.com

BigChiefGolf.com is a website that allows golfers to keep track of their scores, calculate their handicap index, and view improvement over time. This site is different from other sites on the web, in that it allows users to be grouped in "teams", and it provides specialized features to support the team-based concept.

The Big Chief Golf Handicap Service was originally conceived by Dr. Stewart C. Bushong as a small group of his favorite golfing partners. As the group grew, Dr. Bushong realized that he would need a more sophisticated method for managing all of these golfers' scores. In 1993, he recruited G M Glaze as a summer intern to develop the first BCHS program. They initially developed a PASCAL-based prototype, and then ported that to QuickBASIC. This DOS-based application was used by Dr. Bushong for 2 years. BCHS was then ported to a Visual Basic-based Windows application, with a new e-mail update feature.

The Windows-based BCHS program has been in use with virtually no revisions for 7 years, and Dr. Bushong's team has grown to over 100 golfers. Repeated requests for a new version to support further enhancements to the e-mail features, as well as the need for improved support of this large user base, has finally resulted in the development of this new website.

Note: This site has been built as a completely non-profit initiative. As such, no guarantees on the accuracy of data or calculations, or the reliability of the service, can be made.

For inquiries about this site, please contact web@bigchiefgolf.com.
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